Potion Demand

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by MarkelleFultz, Sep 6, 2014.



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  1. I just started working on my potion shop when i realised, is there a demand?

    I was just wondering if you lot know whether potions are a good or bad set of items to sell.

    Im currently on smp1 and as far as i know selling them cheaper than anyone else in smp1
  2. I would recomend making advertisement in this thread, and selling in bulks, just my opinion
  3. Besides you indeed can use the forum to sell bulk, there is demand for sure. People go to wild and nether where good potions come in handy. There is also 2 times mobarena in the week and pvp where potions come in handy as well.
    Just advertise in the chat once a while and ask people if they need a potion after they asked others to come to the wild or pvp. Adding some exp bottles might be a good thing to lurk in costumers as well ;p