Potion Brewing What Ever You Would like

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  1. Hey Guys i am going to start a potion brewery so you guys were to tell me how many DC u would want and i would make it

    Any Potion (ex. Strength) regular like no Redstone, Glowstone, Fermentated Spider Eye or Gunpowder added is 1000r per DC
    Any Potion With Redstone, Glowstone. Fermented Spider Eye Or Gunpowder added to the potion is an extra 200 plus the 1000 so 1200

    So this is how you fill out an order

    (Potion type) (ex. Speed)
    (Optional) (Want it to last longer), (Want It to be more powerful) (Or want it as a Negative Affect) or (Want it splash)
    (And the price)

    Here is a link to a Link where u can find all the potions u can make to help fill out your order


    Just scroll down the link

    All Orders Will be done in a 3 day period (mostly a day) and free delivery to any server just set up an access chest on your residence and i will deliver and no more than 5 DCs at a time
  2. So just as a question could I order a DC of regen II splash potions for 1200r, or is it 200r per extra ingredient?
  3. Just a suggestion, but it might be best if you broke out the cost of each potion, then people wouldn't have to continually ask how much this or that is. :D

    For Example: Regen base $1000 + II ($200) + Extended ($200) + splash ($50) = $1450

    Also, some items are not as easy to get, so you might want to consider that in your pricing as well.

    Good Luck
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