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  1. Hey there,

    So for all those people that love potions (I know you guys are out there) but hate paying a couple of thousand rupees for a Double Chest, I'm your solution!

    For just 1000-1200r you can get a Double chest of any potion that you request!. Don't want a double chest? No problem! We cater to everyone's need. You can get Single Chests as well! If you don't want to order, no problem. Potion Barn is located on res 716, smp1. We are always open unless going through a remodel (Still currently being completed but shop is functional).

    Are you a Mega Mall owner on any smp server? Looking for someone to stock you with potions? Jagged-Ice Inc. is your solution! We will stock your store with whatever potions you need! If you are located on a smp other than smp1, I will deliver the potions to your Mall at a cost of 40r per double chest (vaulting fee) or you can pick them up yourself.

    Well, that is all for now. I plan on adding some normal Items to Potion Barn such as stone etc later on.

    So, what are the prices?

    716 Prices:
    Double Chests Prices:
    Splash: 1200r
    Normal: 1000r

    Single Chests Prices:
    Splash: 600r
    Normal: 500r

    Single Potion Prices:
    Splash: 30r
    Normal: 20r

    Potion Supplier Prices:
    Double Chest:
    Splash: 1200r (+ vaulting fee)
    Normal: 1000r (+ vaulting fee)

    Single Chest:
    Splash: 600r (+ vaulting fee)
    Normal: 500r (+ vaulting fee)

    If you purchase more than one Double Chest for supply you will receive discounts. (This is negotiated at time of purchase).

    To Order:
    Please PM me on the site with your order. This help me keep track of what I have, haven't and need to produce. This is also a record thing incase something goes wrong with orders etc. Thanks

    Well folks, thats all from me!

    Hope to see some of you guys soon at Potion Barn!

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  2. I would like 5 dc of regen pots. and 5 dc of splash potion of regen pots.
  3. That title sounds like a moonshine setup lol.
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  4. Please order through PM on site or ingame. This makes keeping a record much easier. Thankyou
  5. >.> not at all <.<
  6. What?
  7. oh sorry about that. dont know what happened there. If you wish to order please do it via PM here on the site
  8. Unwanted Stock @ 716! 200r off sale only whilst stock lasts!
  9. I read this as "Police barn" xD
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  10. In that case, jknrlz would be selling doughnuts too!
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  11. Hahahahaha, lol. Yes, yes I would Stew :D