Potential Villager Issue

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Skilled_Creeper, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Has anyone noticed any issues with villagers lately? More specifically villager breeding?I was wondering if someone understands why randomly the villagers will stop breeding (I know the criteria they need to meet and I made sure they have everything but they would randomly still fail to breed). I tried egging them and replacing them, but then the villagers wouldn't even recognize the block next to them to give them a job unless I broke the block and replaced it, then they wouldn't even recognize that there were beds till I broke the beds and replaced them in the same spot. I haven't changed anything about my breeder and its working fine for me now, but I don't understand why it randomly just stops working.

    (Res 134 for the villager breeders)
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  2. Villagers are just broken on EMC. Half the time they won't spawn Iron golems anymore either when they should be.
  3. I currently have an iron golem farm going and it seems to be working quite well. This is the design I use.
  4. I can’t get any breeding done but my iron golden farm is great idk what the problem is.
  5. Is your breeder in town? The type of breeder I use that works fairly well (when it doesn't randomly break) is on my res on res 134 smp1.
  6. No it’s in the wild i will check it out.