Potential upcoming wilderness reset

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by darklands99, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I have a res on Utopia and Smp3. I would like to offer a chest or 2 or 3 for anyone who needs to store their stuff from the wild. Particularly those who may not own a plot. I would only ask for some material as compensation (ie. cobblestone, glass, sand, stone, we can negotiate). I have plenty of space for this...

    If interested, just message me or get me in the game. I can direct you to my lots and create chest(s) for you.
  2. Good idea :) though I think people will put their stuff in the vault from wilderness and then relog to their home server to instant put their stuff in a chest on their res. But maybe someone doesnt have a res at all. So still a nice idea :3
  3. ... but you can't use the vault from the wilderness....
  4. You can use it once wilderness gets resettet. See the news thread to wilderness reset
  5. I am also offering this service for no charge other than the materials required to make a chest + the access sign.

    This is a main benefit to people who do not have more than 1 res or all their res's are on 1 server.

    Just /tell me in game WHEN you have the wood ready on the Utopia server (non supporters can still use/access this)
  6. Just thought i'd say that i currently have 16 large chests for people who stay in the wild to use on SMP5 when the wild is reset, and i am offering this service for free :) no charge at all, just PM me on here so i can set up your chest and your good to go :)
    My res number is 10562.

  7. I am offering this also completely free on SMP3 and 6, Just PM me.
  8. You can always do /purchase vault and store all stuff in both your pockets and your vault.
    Also, i recommend whoever wants a service like this to be carefull, not saying it will happen, but it could be just an excuse to scam you guys.