Potential repeat griefing?

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Have you...

Had something similar happen to you? 2 vote(s) 33.3%
Seen something similar? 4 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. Does this sound familiar to anybody who got griefed?
    I'm in a small community in the wilderness on smp7, and i have a very tiny sandstone pyramid in the desert, with my house underground(pyramid is the entrance). I came on, found a creeper explosion in the pyramid, found all of my ~64 torches gone(1 or 2 left behind...), 2 of my 16 doors gone, my pistons and levers were gone(but not the redstone...), they mined my signs and replaced them with text that I don't want to say(inappropriate), and left 1 sign at the entrance that is the following 4 lines:
    i hear
    you like
    so... WE CAME
    my friends said that aVo was a group of griefers with their own youtube channel, but judging by the fact that i still had some doors and furnaces, my friends guess that it's not aVo, but I'm unsure.

    Did anybody else encounter something similar? mainly if you had a sign saying what mine did(or similar)
  2. I meant to add a 3rd option to the poll "haven't seen this before" but oh well just post here if you had something similar. I'm just glad my chest was locked.
  3. Look, those guys who griefed you are just fan boys of aVo, because aVo itself don't even touch EMC because it's really hard to make "epic" griefing out of a bunch of protected residences.

    No, i've have never get any sign left or anything for me to hate them even more, but i'm shure they are lol'ing hard at you with this thread you just made. I've never seen or heard about any case like yours tho.
    As i just posted on another thread: I consider griefing as both something sad and something good for you to stand back and grow bigger and better.
  4. I find it funny that they took 2 doors, and not the other 14, and that they took levers, and not redstone... idc if they're lol'ing at me i want to know if anyone else had people put signs there... It's kinda weird.

    PS I noticed your 'status' (new member/member/well-known member/iron/gold/diamond supporter) says well-known member... How do you get that status? like.. are you friends with justin/jeremy in real life...or have u been on it for a long time, or...
  5. I dont know how a Vo is but the laws of the wild are...

    If it is worth greifing, it will be greifed
  6. Yeah i'm their best friend, only bff's can get WKM status.
    Nah, JK :p i don't even know them on real life.
    The 'status' it's based on xenforo "trophy points" which are actually likes and number of posts.
    You need like 100 likes or so to get WKM status :)
    The supporter status it's both server and website wide, this is just when you pay moneyzzz to support EMC ;)
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  7. I like turtles
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  8. They no greif
  9. How do uget well respected member
  10. I did because when I made a nice undergorund house with redflops some noob with x-ray went into our base when we were in it and greifed it we wanted to burn him with lava but one of the rules are,"Thou there should not be PvP or something like that"And he changed a sign (Find diamonds!) to "Give all diamonds to aVo niggas."And he called us pieces of little shit from New Jersey.Please add a protection mod so greifers can't go greifing!
  11. How random :)
  12. How do you expect to prevent griefing... That's what the town's for :p i was just curious about it.
  13. You can cover your base with bedrock.
  14. I know you can't get bedrock,But you can spawn it.
  15. They no greif:)
  16. I agree with Equinox_Boss.

    Turtles don't grief, they mind their own shell.;)
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  17. How true.
  18. Did you take screenshots and send them to a mod? Having them grief while you're there is the best thing to happen (well not having someone grief you is even better..) because you can get them permanently banned.
  19. I did get a picture but my computer caught a virus and I had to delete everything.