Potential 20k Job

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  1. Over the past month I haven't been able to run my shop, for multiple reasons. So I decided to shut it down and destroy the building. The building is made of Pine planks, iron blocks, gold blocks and glowstone. I'm obviously a lazy guy and willing to pay 20,000 rupees for someone to take everything down (I may throw some unwanted items your way). I am NOT providing tools, silktouch is advised for the glowstone.

    The residence is on Smp7 at 14444 if you want to take a look at it.

    Comment below or shoot me a PM on the forums if you're willing to put time into this job
  2. so do we keep the items?
  3. The items are to be placed in chests in my res. Payment will lower if anything is missing.
  4. I will do it for 12k
  5. On hold, discussing deal with Pab10S