[POSTPONED EVENT] The Conquering of Mount Olympus

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  1. It has begun....
    The battle to win everything...
    The Battle to control the fate of the human race has begun.
    Three Gods vie for ultimate rule of the world, but only one thing stands
    in their way. Each other.
    The Three Fates have created a weapon that will allow called Aghanim's Scepter
    that will allow the God who claims the prize to eliminate the others with complete ease.
    But here's the catch.
    As Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are equal in their powers
    the Scepter can only be claimed by demigods that have been sired
    by one of these three gods.
    The Gods selected their favorite and best. And now seven demigods go forth
    for their otherworldly parent.
    These heroes assembled and were teleported to the Alakazara Desert with it's inlaid city.
    Scattered throughout the city are nine differnt objects sacred to one
    of the other Olympians. The first group of demigods to find
    all nine and assemble them in the palace will claim the Scepter. And win the battle.

    Demigods of Hades
    Powers: TBA
    Demigods of Poseidon
    Powers: TBA

    Demigods of Zeus
    Powers: TBA


    All of these artifacts will be scattered throughout the city. Some will be obvious, others will not.
    Demeter's Egg of New Life
    Dionysus's Vine
    Apollo's Arrow
    Hermes's Winged Boots
    Athena's Book of Wisdom
    Aphrodite's Diamond
    Hephaestus's Legendary Anvil
    Artemis's Hunting Bow
    Hera's Hearth Brick
    Ares's War Helmet

    All the details on the map can be found here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/desert-city-of-alkazara/
    All of the artifacts will be inside the city!

    Overseer: flufinator09
    EMC Staff: krysyyjane9191
    YouTuber (If you can film this event PM me!):

    The server will be announced on the day of the event.

    Tuesday July 16, 2013
    9:30 PM EST

    As always ask anything you need to below!
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  2. Cool, sounds fun, but umm...
    I may be noobish, but...
    Where's the application to be a demigod...?
  3. Just ask :) Just make sure you say what team you want.
  4. Sweet :)
    may record this so :p
    Anyways, I would like to be a demigod of...
    Poseidon :)
    So what are these "powers"...?
  5. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!! First off, I could film the event but i havent started my youtube channel yet but whatever. I was hoping i could film while still playing and maybe the the action camera! I would love to be a demigod for posiedon! (Well i would go with hermes because im running everywhere but YOLO) Just what kind of powers would we have? I want to be on the team with the best powers! And maybe on hades team (just a suggestion) they could like spawn dogs? maybe? idk but thanks!

    (sorry for the long post but whatever)
  6. in for filming also demigods of sea pl0x
  7. Powers will be known when we know their technical limits:)
    Also if you film for YouTube YOU CANNOT PLAY!
  8. Why can't I record my perspective for my channel?
  9. psssh fine ill just play then, hopefully it turns out better then your voltz
  10. OHHH yea, you can do that but you can't have the flying and narration stuff like the Staff one would :)
  11. I did apologize for that. But circumstances where beyond my control.
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  12. Please note that we must have an EMC Staff member to host the event! Also each team is only allowed at max seven demigods!
  13. Can I join hades's team? Also powers for son of hades should be to summon the dead (zombie/skeleton spawned that o ly attacks enemies.) shadow travel (teleportation) and nausea and blindness

    Maybe more later when I think of some
  14. The powers are limited by technical limitations. So that means you are unfortunately unable to suggest powers. Added to Demigods of Hades
  15. lol Ill be the first on Zues team demigod, or something :p, but Yeah
  16. You have been added to the list! :)
  17. Come on! We need all demigods to battle!
  18. How did I miss this this morning? I'll take Hades!
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  19. Please invite your friends! we need the godpower!
  20. no we really need a mod
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