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  1. i tried today to post some photos on a thread i was creating, but imgur said it didn't support the format, and EMC won't let me post links like that. how do i get the photos on an EMC thread?
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  2. Step 1: Click the upload file button below the text field.
    Step 1.png

    Step 2: Navigate to the image you want to insert onto your post, the PNG file format is recomended. Click open when the image file is selected.
    Step 2.png

    Step 3: Your image should appear below the text field, Click "Full Image" to insert that image into your post. Make sure your cursor is in place of the text field of where you want the image to go!
    Step 3.png

    Step 4: You image should appear in the text field, when your done simply click "Post Reply" and your image along with your post will be available to the community for viewing as they read the forum thread.
    Step 4.png

    Of course there is the option of simply uplaoding the image through a link, this can be normally be achieved by clicking the tree icon and then pasting the direct URL to the image... unfortunantly this doesn't always work in which case you have to type a little BB code:
    [IMG]Image link goes here[/IMG]
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  3. what do you mean by that?
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  4. Hes making an extensive tutorial, and wants it to be at the top of the thread for easy access:)
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  5. imgur is acting funny for me too. :( Wait is out, maybe.
  6. Exactly
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  7. Imgur isn't out atm because I used it a mere 2 minutes ago and it was working fine :D
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  8. I simply wanted to reserve the place of first post so when I made the tutorial it would be highly visible making it easy for players having the trouble to find ;)
  9. my computer is reall slow, so i wouldnt be suprised.
  10. what if the picrure is off the internet?
  11. Do you use Window?
  12. yes
  13. Right click, then save the picture. Then upload it:)
  14. Then that is the bit at the bottom of he post, I'll repeat myself though:

    Copy the link of the image you want (This can be achieved by right clicking on the image and then clicking "Copy link address" or something similar to copy image URL.
    When you want to insert the image type the following
    [IMG]image URL or address goes here[/IMG]
    Does this help you?
    If not try copying the link of the image and then clicking on the tree button in the edit post options thing, put the link in there ;)

    If your really having trouble I'll do an image tutorial for this method also :D

  15. what does IMG mean and how can the picture ba accesed?