Post your secret garden entries

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  1. The secret Garden deadline is over so we can now all share each others works. Post your res# on this thread for all to check out and see.

    Mine is under my res at /v 6119
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  2. utopia /v 5353 secretgarden
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  3. Thank you ^-^ yours is really nice too
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  4. My secret garden is at /v 16271, on smp8. The entire res is part of the build, but what's inside the walls is the actual garden.
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  5. You can check out my Secret Garden entry at 11485!
    Enjoy :)
    It's probably not a winner but I had fun with it
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  6. Who has won?
  7. Anyone know when it will be announced?
  8. When the staff check all the entries, maybe 1 week after deadline
  9. Love the gardens!

    Mine is /v 1704 on smp1
    Best viewed at night : ) enjoy
  10. Mine is res 14284 on SMP7. I built it just before I learned of the competition, but it fits the theme so I decided to enter it :)
  11. Any news on the winners yet?