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  1. i always ask what people are listening to in chat and no one ever answers... i know we have a lot of younger folks playing on EMC, i gotta start a music discussion

    here's what i got playing tonight:

    what do you got playing?
  2. so really? hundreds, if not thousands, of players on EMC and none of you listen to music?
  3. I enjoy me some Classic Rock

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  5. I'm a korean so i understand the words
  6. I listen to this ALL day:
  7. And also play the game.
  8. Wow this video again Lol
  9. not sure if that Gangnam Style song is supposed to be a joke or it's serious but they totally jacked Pump Up The Jam for the music. that track wasn't even good when it first came out 20 years ago or whatever it was lol
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  10. Ever heard of these guys? They are one of my favorite artists and i just recently heard this song for the first time a few days ago. Since then, i have probably listened to it a thousand times.
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  11. I listen to odd songs. Electronic and Dance according to my iPod. Although I wouldn't call any of my songs Dance...
    I can't turn this song off once I start:
  12. Yes, I love you for liking crystal castles.
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  13. idk what you're talking about toaster this song gives me an uncontrollable urge to dance! haha seriously though, i like it...really catchy :)
  14. Crystal Castles recorded a song with the singer of the first video I posted :)

    more stuff i like:

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  15. Also

    Music's really helped me through alot. Trance/ Dance/ Electronic Music makes me forget everything bad and just makes me want to dance. It lets all your worries out. And you just don't care anymore. It's amazing.
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  16. Electronic, Orchestra, Rock, and everything else that isn't Rap or Screamo.

    Such a wide range. Is this what I get for being a multimedia artist?

  17. ^^^ Pure NZ Dubstep! WOOT WOOT!

    ^^^ Epic song about bugs!

    ^^^ Catchy electro!

    ^^^ My FAV at the moment!