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  1. Hi guys, just interested (as are a few people on the server) what everyones computer specs are...

    Photos would be cool too!

    p.s. If you are running on windows 7, right click "Computer" and click "Properties" , click "Windows Experience Index" then click "view and print detailed performance and system information"

    Take a screenshot and post it here...

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  2. This was the first computer I've built myself and in fact the first desktop I've personally owned, I had only bought laptops before.

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  3. Lol Aus, nice computer and I like that you have ever single Lost season by your computer.
  4. This is mine :D Unavngivet.png
  5. Just a question Sundanian, what language is it in?
  6. it's Danish.

    I'll post mine later when I get chance and am actually on that computer.
  7. Yes its Danish, so it may be hard to read xD
    Look at the little DA in the right corner :D
  8. Danish is my 4th Language =P
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  9. OMG!!
  10. If you want to talk more about Danish and fourth languages, start a new thread. :_)
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  11. Bob, your antec badge looks wonky.
  12. I literally just looked at it, noticed it was wonky, so I touched it and it slid back up into place. :confused:
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  13. Mines a relatively low-spec laptop, but thats all I need. :)
    Computer Specs.png
  14. Looks good guys!! Curse those bloody hardrives... They drag the score down!! :eek:
  15. here is my the slower of my computers.

    Note windows index results are nothing to go off of.
  16. This is my first custom-built. I'm pretty happy with it.
  17. What made you choose a 560, is it the TI?
  18. I had the GTX 460 first and had a lot of problems with it. Bluescreens, Freezes etc.. Than I thought taking an upgrade might be a good idea so I just took the 560. It's not the TI, it's the 2GB superclocked.
  19. At the end the 460 was not the source of my problems but current fluctuations in my house :(
  20. The 560 is a really bad card if it isn't the TI, this computer only has one because I got it free, you should have gone for a 570.