Post Your BEST desktop thread

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  1. Hi guys,

    Thought it would be cool to see what creative desktops are out there :D

    Heres mine:

    I have two monitors hence the two pictures of the car.

    I used rainmeter as well as a few other things to create this beauty!
  2. (Just removing IP address on pic)

    EDIT Pic is back up :D
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  3. Anyone? XD Maybe mine just puts everyones to shame hahaha
  4. This is my Christmas and New Year desktop. If it's too racy a mod can remove the pic and I'll add a different one but more butt is seen at the beaches and Walmart these days! ;)

    BTW.. I googled it looking for High Def wallpapers. Was not a porn site either.

    Currently using this. Eclipsys will recognize this one.
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  5. as seen at " "
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  6. nmanley that is awesome! :D

    *drools hahaha
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  7. I can't post it. I'll find a good one I can.
  8. That is an awesome desktop! :cool:
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  9. Yea, btw all those blue bits on the desktop are interactive :D
  10. I was wondering what those were. That is really awesome! :)
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  11. Thanks :D
  12. Maybe just a little too raunchy, although i do appreciate a tasteful nude such as this. :)
    Do you have another one similar, but not quite as exposed?
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  13. Yea cobras are real raunchy cars... sorry got nothing else :p
  14. Yeah. I thought that one was a little to inapropriate.
  15. I think he was talking to the other guy (nmanley) who's post is right under yours
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  16. Did you make it yourself or find it somewhere?
  17. I made it myself using an array of themes for rainmeter. Its a custom combination I put together :)

    AND LOL at your name and pic :p
  18. Awesome! Thanks. :)
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  19. And here is my heavily modded Mac. It's very awesome.

    P.S. The rocket is a SpaceX Falcon 9. Very cool launch.
  20. Here's mine:

    Pretty much default Windows 8 but meh.
    (I know it's technically the start menu but I use it as my desktop)