Post Tips on Good Adventuring Places Below!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by The_Bright__Lord, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. I love adventuring, but I can never find anything adventure worthy. So please post any tips below.
  2. If you look around on the live map, you can find a bunch of wild outposts that you could explore. I'm sure that the owners wouldn't mind, as long as you don't take or damage anything.
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  3. You can find a village, trade with villagers until you can get a woodland or underwater map and raid the bases. make a small base with friends and everyone turn on diff 10 - allow boss and enranged mob spawns in "/ps" and try to survive a few minecraft days. Go to miner mania events and ask to turn group diff to 10 (the first and only one I could go to did that XD)
    IDK just a few ideas :p
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  4. Check out the LLO on smp7. Its one of EMC's first outposts, and is absolutely massive. Not too far from spawn either :)
  5. Waste or Frontier? Nether or Overworld? Which direction?
  6. Frontier, NWW of main spawn. You cannot miss it if you check the live map.