Post Funny Pictures Of People On EMC!

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  1. Please post funny pictures of people doing stupid stuff in the EMC community! :)

    Here is a good one of a guy who was at my res and fell into a small lava pit and couldn't get out! lol :) 2012-02-24_21.32.53.png
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  2. Haha, that's hilarious! /sarcasm
  3. Hmm, stupid stuff huh? Alrighty, here's a pic of me and brandop123 running around the top of the tutorial. Secret entrance in fountain at the shop's fountain, the one inbetween blue and purple paths. Used enderpearl to get in.;)

    And here's us on top of on of the dollar signs in the shop... Many enderpearls were wasted for this...;)

    And yes... that's a cape... Using a cape mod for fun...
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  4. Zabriel, for some reason, your avatar scares me...
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  5. How get up there??????
  6. AND how get down there?
  7. no, its enderpearls XD
  8. Nope, I got down on top of the maze thing because of lag.
  9. Haaahahahahahah!!!!.JPG untitled.JPG
    Lol, read what he sayed =D He got banned after that, which I think is HILARIOUS ^_^
  10. Greatest.. ban.. ever!
  11. I luv how one of ur windows is "griefing in the wilderness"
    Very suspicious
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  12. On this one server (my friends) we were doing a lets play, and we were skyping right? Hes like Omg friendly creeper, im like wut.... and hes like Oh my god, I love you (to the creeper, his username is Stikygule2) I look in chat and all i see is "stikygule2 blew up" We were silent for 3 seconds then we just pee'd our pants laughing.. ;)
  13. guys if
    you figure out dont say in the forum
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  14. haha guys these are all really funny! :)
  15. lol i liked this cuz superslash89 is in the text.that makes me happy.
  16. Keep posting guys!
  17. This thread really shouldn't be on this sub-board. Just saying.