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  1. I know people have favorite gifs, funny pictures, etc. I wanna see them :D I'm sort of bored, and I don't really care if people don't want to post one. It's ohkay :'( But anyway, I don't have a favorite gif, but I'll probably post some stuffs on here. So if you have one, don't be afraid to post because I love looking at gifs and pictures and stufffs lol (especially yummy foods and really funny gifs/pics <3). Thank you :) Here are a few random pictures/gifs.

    Soooooo cuteeeeeee <3 asdfghjkl;

    You don't have to post more, but maybe some of these will cheer someone up :)
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  2. Best gif!

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  3. "My flirting technique"

  4. LOL, Is that a Sloth?! Ahaha XD!
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  5. No tears, just dreams XD
  6. LOL. Yea xD Sloths are so funnyyyy

  7. random picture? okay sure

  8. Omg that hair...
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  9. "a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images." is what my best friend google says :)
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  10. See signature
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