post a picture of your halloween costume!

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  1. hey guys! i didn't see a thread for this, and i know people want one, so here it is:

    post a picture of your halloween costume!

    basically like the post a picture of yourself thread, but halloween themed!
  2. Might have to zoom in on that...
  3. Still don't get it, anyways, I don't have any pictures, but I will be a vampire, as I don't really care about the costume aspect of Halloween, more about the candy part.
  4. Mine and iSmooch's daughter is going to be a blonde Dora the Explorer, if I get the other things together for it. I'll post a pic when she goes trick or treating.
  5. Cute :D
    What will you and Ismooch be?
  6. Nothing just her parents :)
  7. Every year >.>
    Okay :).
  8. ::L <--- thats it!
  9. First thing about my costume: do any of you know what steampunk is?
  10. A punk that likes steam.....?
  11. Yush :D

    I don't have a costume :(. The last time I wore one, was three years ago. I went as a Panda to Backwoods Metalfest in my hometown. I got black and white face paint and painted my face, made my own ears, wore a shirt with black sleeves and white body, black pants and had on a pair of fuzzy black slippers for my "feet" and my rainbow wrist warmers for the hecks of it.
  12. Pandas are awesome
  13. <-- Coming Soon!!

  14. will you settle for a picture of my son in his Halloween costume? :D he's my little scooby doo <3
  15. Scooby! I'm being a 2 headed monster with my friend. I think this may wait until AFTER halloween. I'll have one then. Last year I was a glowstick. Pics later..
  16. I haven't dressed up in years...
  17. I haven't gone out Trick or Treating for like 3-4 years, I just go to the mall with my friends that day.

    You meet a lot of crazy people.. o.o