Post a picture of your favorite video game character!

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  1. Post a picture of your favorite video game character!

    ^Ghost from MW2^

    ^Montes from BF3^
  2. 2012-10-15_06.51.59.png

    Thats my favorite video game character :3
  3. McTavish is pretty beast. On my phone, I can't post photos :mad:
  4. Minecraft :p
  5. hmm why does it say your image is broken... It's fine when I visit it's link and when I quote it! Nice choice btw!
  6. They've probably disabled hotlinking. I should move it somewhere else...
  7. Heh I was going to post that too :p

    He has LEGO boots :eek:

  8. or maybe...

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  9. My favourite video game character :p
    Although, my second best...

    And his companion, Clem:
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  10. My avatar
  11. Pacman.jpg
    No introduction needed.
  12. Muerte.jpg
    Death, from Darksiders II. Madureira is great at creating characters.

  13. Cave Johnson, we're done here.
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  14. "I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith..."
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