Post a picture of your EMC plot!

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  1. Just to showcase your own little homes/shops. :)

    Here's mine.


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  2. My wild base Mount Collis...not sure if this counts but whatever 2013-01-20_15.58.08.png
  3. Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.18.13 PM.png
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    There ya have it :D.
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  4. Hm... I'll have to post some tomorrow, I'm busy and need to get to bed atm.
  5. I will post mine tomorrow aswell
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  6. My home smp2 3808

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    My shop smp2 3026

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  7. Don't forget to post these on as well. Remember there's a contest going at the moment for it. (Check front page for info).
  8. Where is your plot?
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  9. I posted the spawn for now. I don't really have an active residemce now. I'll probably take some pics of a few things later that I helped others with.
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  10. You should take a Picture of 1952 or 2154. Hah :)
  11. Oh boy. Beware: lots of pictures.

    Res 1254:
    Darnit, pics are too large.
  12. This has since had improvements, however here is my primary residence (9088 on SMP4)

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  13. Yggdrasil :) Best Minecraft Servers Thats a special AlexChance beacon =P And my Haunted House, that will be getting a major makeover into a Mansion soon :) Best Minecraft Servers
  14. *Cough* You have one on SMP4 *Cough*

    I'll get a good picture somewhere :)
  15. 2013-01-23_16.41.41.png 2013-01-23_16.41.47.png my underground rocket
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