Possibly the largest and most challenging maze on Empire Minecraft!

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  1. Hello all!
    I have slaved the last week to bring you my latest creation.

    In my residence [19403 on server 9], I have built a 60 by 40 maze out of only stone bricks and lava. People have claimed it to be "Epicc", "Crazy", and even "Impossible!"

    In the future, I plan on having an entrance fee for people to compete. The prize up will be the combined entrance fees of all contestants. Winner takes all. But for a short time, you can enter this challenging maze for free! There is a public-access prize chest waiting for you at the end of the maze. As of right now, it contains 1 diamond block, 2 diamonds, and a bunch of garbage items! Over the next few days, i will place some of my most valuable items into the maze prize chest for the winners.

    You better hurry! This offer won't last forever!

    P.S. If you have seen a bigger/more challenging maze, please send me the address so I may take a look.
  2. There's a 60x60 one on SMP2, but this sounds good :) I don't think it's open yet.
  3. Try on /fun for size. And that one's easy peasy.
  4. What is /fun?
  5. /fun on smp3. The Official Empire Amusement park. In it, there is a rollercoaster, minigolf, a hedge maze, a waterpark, archery, and soo much more :)
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  6. /fun is the EMC Amusement Park on SMP3.

    EDIT: Secret beat me by about 1 second.
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  7. That was fast....