possibly selling new vouchers

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  1. alright so i thought how else to help out those in need than sell some of the new vouchers. i will either sell 2 of the max res vouchers or 2 of the derelict vouchers though if i sell 2 of the derelict vouchers it would be to 2 diff players. 2 of the max res vouchers could be bought by one player if they want if not to 2 different players. let me know what you guys/gals would prefer so i can make a decision. this will be the only time i sell these vouchers along with any vouchers in general ever.
  2. I would love an extra res :p
  3. Well, the max res vouchers can only be bought for a few more days...
  4. 20k then
  5. They are going for upwards of 300k.
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  6. This acts completely against my earlier post, but I will buy 2 max res increases for 300,000r.
  7. But i want one too
  8. im pretty sure if you pm them about this they would end up splitting since 2 of you want one and noone else has posted about wanting them at the right price XD
  9. Well, both voucher types are available now, however after EULA changes, the permanent res protection vouchers will be available. The res limit increases will no longer be purchasable after the end of this month.

    However balance that information with that two res vouchers being earnable in game (however even that will not bring you to your new res limit of 6) and couple that with the fact that permanent protection cannot be earned, and its all up in the air with what is more 'valuable'...

    Heh, but I think its a great idea to help players and EMC at the same time!
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  10. Im good with that
  11. i don't think she's gonna do it xD