Possible new SMP 2 Outpost

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  1. Hey EMC! Torg123 here.

    I'm working on an outpost in SMP.2 that I still don't have a name for.

    I do, however, have a location picked and a boatload of ideas that concern the outpost. If you are interested in joining, bear in mind that the rewards of making friends, finding diamonds, and making extra rupees (!) will come in short order!

    I'm structuring the settlement around specific jobs, listed below. If you want any one of these (or several of them) please let me know!

    • Miner (for cobblestone as well as coal/iron/redstone/diamonds and more)
    • Lumberjack
    • Farmer/gardener (tell me what you want to farm, including livestock)
    • Night Guard
    • Hunter
    • Explorer/mapper
    • Craftsman (turn materials into items)
    • Nether Explorer (for lava, quartz, glowstone and more)
    Anyone is free to join, as long as you do your work and have fun! Reply or send me a PM about joining and what you want to do!
  2. I will join if you can explain what an outpost means to you and what you expect of the people joining

    g26curtis will join if I do too
  3. Excellent!

    What an outpost means to me is a community of players working together, having fun while surviving in the wilderness, and of course we can make some extra rupees selling our materials to other shops or just making your/our own.

    All I would expect of you, as a member, would be to have fun and play cooperatively so that we could make a settlement worth moving to for all sorts of adventure! I had a few ideas for things that the outpost could do as a whole, but I'd like not only you but some more people as well.

    Thanks for thinking about joining, mc_g26!
  4. Great both of us will join, we'll pm you about the location and what not buy I have a great money make inch plan me and g26curtis are planning on, called it operation e
  5. I've been scouting for a location, and I've think I've got a keeper!

    Anyone who's interested, please reply or send me a PM.

    It'd be great to have you!
  6. im also great at farming efficiently and i am in the prices of obtaining god stuff so i can also hunt guard an explore

    g26curtis is also good at these things