Possible network issues this Sunday (22-Jan-2012)

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. The data center where the game servers are running is going to be upgrading some networking components this Sunday morning. This could create a brief instability with connections for the EMC game servers. This would not impact the website as it is not in the same data center. Here is the announcement from them:

  2. Oh no! My Sunday has been ruined! :(

    Wait.... That's my Saturday you're ruining! :eek:
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  3. Righto, thanks for the warning Justin :)
  4. Will probably affect us guys down under more then most people. :p
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  5. yeah, thats an hour of primetime playing slots for you guys.
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  6. And me more so, I am even more down under than you :p
  7. Its allgood tho, this doesn't happen often :)
  8. Yeah your the guys we Aussies refer to as down under :p
    Make great movies there though. :)
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  9. Sir Peter Jackson is to thank for all the good movies :D
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  10. aaallrighty then
  11. Yes he is, now if only someone could light a fire under his butt to get 'the hobbit' finished :)
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  12. He never made the Halo movie, either. :(
  13. They said "We anticipate the network to be adverselyaffected for only 5 minutes or less.", and if that is the case it would be no problem. I just figured I would post just in case :)
  14. Do you think we should start some betting on how many people complain about not being able to log on to server?
    I'll put 500r on 25 people complaining.
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  15. Same I'm with Shaun!
  16. Umm... Justin it's 2012 not 2010
  17. lol good catch, fixed :)
  18. Its coming, its coming, good thinks come in due time :)
  19. Dam.
  20. FIVE minutes?!
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