Possible Glowstone Dupe :O

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  1. Hello and guess what.
    I ONLY HAVE 900R!
    Yesterday I had 60k.
    ***** has only been on the empire for 7 days and he sold to just me around 40 stacks of glowstone. also ************ sold around 15 stacks.
    It is impossible to have 40 stacks of glowstone on your 7th day.
    You can help by NOT donating but instead buying glowstone at 509 spawn.
    I will be selling the glowstone for 19r a piece to regain my 60k.
  2. In my first week(10days just by 3) I started EMC I had 35k.

    Edit: I don't think it's a dupe since glowstone is extremely easy to get now...
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  3. Although it's possible that they duped, it's possible that they obtained the glowstone through villager trading, they're reselling it, or that they're an alt for an older player. If you indeed think that they may have duped the glowstone, it's best to PM a mod instead of posting it on the public forums.

    EDIT: I recommend partly filling the glowstone sell chests with dirt in the future too, so that you don't get over stocked.
  4. Why should he dupe glowstone? I mean why not dupe diamonds or other stuff there are more WORTH than glowstone :confused:?

    Also I had 3double chest of glowstone before 1.3 does it make me a duper :confused:?
  5. Well diamonds are more closely monitored.
  6. Yea but they are still worth more.
  7. Erm, yeah of course it's possible but what if they have rei's minimap, they type /nether and waypoint the spawn, they go to /wild, then they travel really far out and started a mining operation there. They get all the obsidian they need after finding alot of iron and some diamonds (for the pick). Then they make flint and steel and go to the nether, and are in a clean region. They mine all the glowstone they can find, and then they go to the nether spawn. They come back and then they sell it to you.

    So basically you can do all this in about 2 hours.
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  8. Just an extra note:
    Ever heard of Fortune enchantment?
  9. Or you can "nolife" at a sugarcane farm and get thousands of emeralds then trade with villagers.
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  10. Fortune dosnt make it so they drop more dust. The max to get is 4dust and fortune just make it almost 4everytime =P

    But silktouch is logical too :D
  11. ^^^ What I was gonna say

    Although this would work too:
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  12. Why people dupe things like diamonds?

    Why don't they dupe dirt? Dirt is like the best things ever and it's worth the most.
  13. Yes but that gives you 4 dust MAXIMUN
  14. Lol i lost 10k
  15. I have 1k now.
  16. RICH KID!

    I only have 2,248,000R
  17. If the glowstone is really legitimate, which is very possible, there is no problem in going along and reselling it. Just not to me, thankyouverymuch. I have enough glowstone as it is.
    (Sidenote: It is very very possible, because with only 58 emeralds, I traded for 3 stacks of glowstone last night. That would mean that for 40 glowstone, you would only need about 13 stacks of emeralds, which really isn't that hard if you have tons of wool/books.)