Possible fix for chicken hordes in town

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  1. Obviously you are already aware of the problem of too many chickens and other mobs in town. Since a large number of these mobs appear in public areas, I was thinking one of these might be a possible fix:
    1. Auto-kill or de-spawn mobs that enter public areas (streets, town center, etc.), or
    2. Give kill permissions in all public areas so that the populace can easily control the problem, without having to lure mobs to their res.

    Thank you for considering the suggestions.
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  2. I like the auto kill, not really the other idea, because than people would kill you chicken if it is like 1 block over the like, and the auto-kill would just be after 5 minutes or something, I don't know if it causes lag or something?
  3. I would love to know how the chickens have invaded the tutorial
  4. If you type /tutorial, you go in the tutorial
  5. you can type /tutorial and go back to it..

    as for the horde and lag issues, I think I will also write a plugin to limit # of NPC spawns in a small area, which should help prevent mass buildup and force people to be nice in town, and also limit chicken eggs (from hatching)
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  6. Holy Smokes, the chickens are typing now!
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  7. The animals flag would help with this. Just allow it, set it to false on every res by default and allow the owner to turn it on, but make it automatically deactivate after, say, 10 minutes. That way, you're only open to egging for a short period at a time.
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  8. I... So.... Love... That.... Idea!
  9. Considering the flag already exists and all Justin would really have to do is create a timeout for it, I love it too since it wouldn't cause him too much extra work. :)