Possible coup 'd'etat in North Korea.

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  1. It has been roughly 3 weeks with no public appearances by Kim Jong-Un and a possibility that a military coup has happened is starting to become more likely. Pyongyang has been in lockdown for a few days at this point and the North has engaged in talks with the South over nuclear weapons and unification.
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  2. It is possible, but hasn't kim just been suffering medical problems? He is an alcholic, overweight, and broke his ankles recently. It would be cool to see a reunification of Korea under a democratic government, but this honestly does not seem likely.
  3. I'll be in my think tank building a Nuclear Shelter if it turns out a bunch of idiots seized the government if there was a Coup.
  4. Even if there was a coup and there are conferences etc, i doubt Korea will be unified...
  5. I agree with what your saying, but we gotta hope. If this were true the only other good thing to come would be ISIS getting defeated, that's other then Bukkit updating to 1.8
  6. Yes, because North Korea's weapons can totally cross the pacific...

    I can only wonder who that will benefit. /sarcasm
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  7. List of things that will not happen:

    - North Korea merging with the south any time soon. (Within 10 years.)
    - North Korea developing atomic weaponry.
    - North Korea developing weaponry capable of crossing any oceans.

    North Korea likes to send a fax with death threats to South Korea every so often. It gives the South Koreans a chuckle every time! If Kim Jong-Un has disappeared my guess is he's just sick or bored with his childish games.
  8. Urm they do have nuclear weapons :p
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