[Possible Bugs] During a Momentus Fight

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  1. During my third victory over the Momentus, I came to realize a few issues with the mobs and their drops.
    • It has been reported enraged mobs take burn damage in the wastelands. This happened to me in the frontier as well. The Enraged zombies were taking massive amounts of damage from their own fire, making it relatively easy to kill them. [I also saw one enraged skeleton die on its own in a frontier cave.]
    • It almost seems as if the speed of enraged zombies decreased, too. At times I only needed to walk away to avoid them.
    • 2 out of the 6 zombie viruses that dropped ended up being the default water bottle. I drank one too, to no effect.
    • I'm not sure what the cause might be, but this Momentus died more quickly than usual, it took me about half the time it took the other two to die. I didn't even receive much help this time that I usually have as BrenJone died right away, and yet, the Momentus seemed to have such little health.
    Also, I didn't get the toothpick *frowny face*
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  2. I've noticed all the problems fighting a Momentus and the raged mobs. Everything described here happened to me. Kinda kills the fun out of fighting the boss and the Ragers :/
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  3. Re: the Enraged burning to death from their own flames. I noticed this exploring the other day and couldn't be happier about it. As remarked to Seffy - "Best nerf EVAR." :D
    But yeah... the custom stuff seems a bit glitched up :\
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  4. They are meant to be able to die during the day. That is why in the daytime that they are only found in pools of water.
  5. It suck enraged mobs and momentus and stuff hardly spawn anymore
  6. At least this means netherhounds die by their own fire.

  7. YES!!!

    *goes into nether without armour*


    Netherhounds were not bugged. :(

    Edit: I'm serious. I died to a nether hound that spawned in the ceiling. It swam down a lava spring.
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  8. Thus making them the only mob in the nether who isn't fireproof. :cool:
    EDIT: nvm, forgot skeletons spawn in Netherfortresses.
  9. But that is true. Momentus have gotton considerably easier to kill. I killed one with 25 arrows with an un-inchanted bow.