[POSSIBLE BUG] Ender Dragon

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  1. A possible bug for the ender dragon and end crystal. In survival minecraft 1.9 you can hit the ender dragon with an arrow. But on EMC you can't shoot it. You can shoot AT it, but it will not damage the dragon. Same case with the end crystal.
  2. Works for me... I blast the dragon with arrows and damage him until he perches on the middle where you have to whack him. I am also able to shoot the crystals.
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  3. It, for some reason, doesn't work with me...
  4. Wait u can shoot the crystals? O_O
  5. Why would you stack up blocks and risk dragons breath and being hit by an ender dragon?
  6. are you trying to shoot when it perches on the portal and shoots breath? You can only Melee then iirc
  7. yeah its invulnerable to arrows when perched above the end portal
  8. Yea I can shoot it fine when it's flying around....but when it's on the portal, its invincible to arrows like bitemenow said
  9. No, it is when it is flying around, I hit it with an arrow but it doesn't take damage. It doesn't take an idiot to figure out you can't range the ender dragon when it is in range of melee.
  10. For me, it works most of the time, except for when I'm lagging. Sometimes, when I have some serious lag, my arrows seem to bounce right off the dragon. But once my Internet starts working properly again, then I can shoot it just fine.
  11. maybe you are just missing then? i think aikar messed with the range of things in the 1.9 update, i know he messed with ender pearls so maybe its affecting this?

    i shot the dragon to death just fine though
  12. I am starting to think it is on my end now...