Portrait of Steve

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  1. I know this isn't exactly a creation in the way a huge castle made of blocks is. But heres an image I just finished with:

    This was made with blender. I played with a rig of steve:
    And got him in a pose and came up with the above!

    I hope you enjoy and if you are interested I will give the first 5 people to comment the above picture but with a skin of their choice. EDIT: Changed the light settings a bit
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  2. Thats pretty cool Louis! I don't need a skin, PandasEatRamen already made me this one I have on. :)
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  3. That one is animated!
    Im gonna do a small series of animated shorts involving Steve and Herobrine :D
  4. Well.... I got bored and did one for you anyway:
  5. Haha awesome! Can you do one for me too?
  6. can you do one for me please, too?
  7. Sure, let me just get your skins...
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  8. Noooo problem :D
  9. Do my skin. If you can't do mine, you can't do my new skins :p
  10. Can you do one for me too?
  11. Awww man im too late, anyways, cool
  12. Anyone who commented before this post is entitled to one.
  13. and CreppaNinga235, im doing you a logo
  14. Haha, it is awesome, I think I will take it as my avatar!
  15. :D Glad you like it
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  16. I changed it! Do you like it?
  17. :p