Portal gives damage.

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  1. Someone brought this up in the marlix update thread. I thought it should be moved to its own thread.
    I to have been taking damage when i use the portal at my outpost since the update. I have a wall behind my portal and it seem when you go thru the portal it spawns you on the wall side of the portal and gives 1/2 heart of damage, this did not happen before the latest update.
  2. Yeah, this is a new issue I've been seeing a lot. I also sometimes fall through hoppers into my rail, and horses disappear when dismounting until I relog.
  3. I have the same issue with the falling thru minecarts.
  4. These are some really core things, I'm surprised they got messed with.
  5. This did happen before the update. It almost always happens to me when I'm not fully standing on the obsidian blocks of the portal. Probably has something to do with slabs. Your head gets caught in it for a split second. Nothing really of any trouble. It's always half a heart and is made back up within seconds.
  6. This is a new issue though, I keep the full 6 blocks clear to air on both sides of all my portals, they are now damaging.
  7. Yeah its not slabs, I can confirm that. My horse has been disappearing more as well. Not that it didn't happen before it just didn't happen as frequently
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