Portal 2. Care to play?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Olga, May 21, 2012.

  1. Hey all, haven't been able to get on Minecraft lately, so does anyone care to go play some Portal 2 anytime? This is a last resort for me, I'm completely bored.
  2. Maybe. Downloading it now.
  3. which format? PC or PS3?
  4. Steam name : tucansam200
  5. I want to
    i can now if you want
  6. I am poppycorny
  7. I cant right now, but maybe later tonight I will. I added you.
  8. My profile name is SpaceShuttleFan, but my screen name is [Mac] Minecraft_Creeper, for the next time MC doesn't work. :)
  9. If you guys didn't know, PS3 and PC versions are integrated. So if you play multiplayer on PS3 you get to play with some PC players too! And vice-versa. No Xbox, :p don't know why they didn't do it for Xbox. Oh when you buy the PS3 version of Portal 2 you get a copy for PC also!
  10. yer I was asking as wasn't sure if people were playing custom maps or regular
    (custom, last time I played was PC only)
  11. I know it sucks not to have PS3 download/cache custom maps. I really like PC because of its mods and stuff. In Call of Duty 4/5(before all that matchmaking crap began) I used to join servers that were modded. In Cod 4 I join zombie modded servers allot. In Cod 5 I used to join allot of customized zombie maps with a hint of mods. Mods is what fuels some games to be the top rated game. If Minecraft didn't have mods it wouldn't be the top game, it would still be the best game but without mods it wouldn't be number 1.