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  1. Here is just a short chronological list of poems I have written:
    (______________________ marks end of stanza)

    Here I sit all alone feeling as obsolete as a man all grown
    Waiting for someone to come in.
    I miss all my friends all locked up and moaning like dogs left alone.
    Wanting someone to find me and put me to use, for writing for young children again.
    SWISH go the markers on the white board,
    The loading BEEP of the smartboards.
    No longer the smell of chalk in the room long forgotten.
    I long to have the feeling and noise of chalk on me again
    A chalkboard.

    Long ago I started out firm without any concerns
    I didn’t expect it but soon I felt many burns
    The torture had just begun
    I have been parched
    I have been drenched,
    But the torture never ends
    I have been crushed under tons
    Many pass me by with shuns
    I’ve been nearly everywhere
    I have always been followed to my dismay
    From Alaska to Nebraska to anywhere near and far
    The torture follows even after the final day
    I’ve been thrown at surfaces
    People step on my face
    I am the lowest among men
    This cycle never ends
    I have no time for sentiment
    Such is my lot as sediment

    Bang! Bang! Another person falls to the dust
    His comrade runs over to meet a similar fate
    Their faces go pale at a fast as lightning rate
    Soon their guns will begin to rust
    I watch and scoff as others fight for naught
    Their leaders’ greed to appease
    Their stupidity is a tease
    Soon they will all rot
    This is pointless
    Blood spilt for no cause
    This fight I give applause
    I started this and I feel shameless
    I am indestructible
    Love is my bane
    The world is my claim
    All men are corruptible
    People play me like a game
    Their souls they do sell
    Welcomed to Hell
    They will hate my name
    I am the lost one
    The brother fallen behind
    The one who makes hearts blind
    Though the Beloved hath won
    All skirmishes start because of my aggressiveness
    I plague all imperfect beings
    None but God is free from my dealings
    My name is Selfishness
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  2. Your pretty good at this honestly, my poetry is this: 'Roses are red, violets are blue i like fried chicken and you should too' :p
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  3. thx