Pork's BBQ event on 4/30/16!

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  1. Greetings, It's Porkus. I'm hosting a BBQ event on 5/7/16. This event will be on 4634 SMP2.
    If you want to come feel free But don't ask to go in my shop as it is unfinished. It will be blocked off.
    Make sure to come I will have a lot of steak, mutton, rabbit, and fish.

    This Event is Sponsored By:
    SparkleRose's Meat emporium at /v 16655 on SMP8.
    The Only Store with A horse Drive through!
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  2. <3 I love meat especially fish <3 I hope to be there but im not sure I can make it :( I am going to New Jersey that day and i have plans. Hopefully I can make it!
  3. Okay, Hope to see you there! :)
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  4. The event is being moved to 5/5/16!
  5. What time of day??
  6. I'm marking my calendar! :cool:
  7. Aww shoot. I am school that day and soccer practice after that :/ sorry cant attend :(
  8. School on a Sarutday?
  9. I mean 5/7/16
  10. The event has been changed to 5/7/16
  11. Ah then I will probably be there then. :)
  12. I may be able to make it but idk :S