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  1. recently i have been noticeing less and less people on smp 8 and was wondering if thats the same for other smp's?
  2. It's a result of people leaving, getting banned, ect.

    We hope that the new partnership will result in more people joining :)
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  3. It is the busiest on smp2 I think...
  4. I see a bunch of new people complete the tutorial when I am on... One thing we all need to try better to do, is be more welcoming and encourage these new members. Help them, and maybe they will stay and become long-lasting valuable members to our community. EMC has plenty to offer Minecrafters- we just need to learn to be more open armed- rather than with a hammer constantly 2" away from their head. (Don't be foolish though)
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  5. Yeah cos I'm on it ;)
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  6. No, just because there are so many shops and malls, on smp5 there are on average like a 12 people on, and on smp2, a 30 on average....
  7. It's time zone dependant.
  8. It's summer time in the northern hemisphere people have jobs or out in about. Smp7 average about 22-26 but most of them are in the wild
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  9. Yeah guys, no worries about the "population dip". The summer months are less busy for almost any business/online game community. Just how life is.
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  10. Just wait intill November / October though till march next year it will be so busy.... Cold wet weather = less family trips out and more time online... its why I personally love winter more...
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  11. Not for us Southern Hemisphere people D:
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  12. Is it now winter at your place xD
  13. Mhmm :(
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  14. It is summer holiday at my home! :D
    Do you got winter holiday?
  15. In Western Australia we get 3x 2 week breaks and 1x 6 week break for Summer. And the 2nd 2 week break starts in a few days, so kind of ;)
  16. how cold is it there in winter?
  17. In Australia it can be anything from 10 to 21 degrees.
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  18. Aus at chrismas but rule xmas day down the beach
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  19. 10-21 degrees Fahrenheit? Right?
  20. Celsius. Then Summer can be anything between 20-35 degrees on an average day.
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