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  1. Every once in awhile, I decide to get on the server. Almost every time, it's full; 60/60. No problem, I merely return to the forum and wait, checking periodically as I lurk the various sections of the forum. I check, as I have been doing and look! 59/60! A spot is open for the taking! Swiftly I double click and begin to log in, only to be given a message: "Server full". I return to try again, still 59/60. I try again to the same effect! Defeated, I wait until the server population drops lower.

    Am I the only one who this happens to? I can only surmise this is brought on by the supporters and their reserved slot. I can only guess that the feature causes this by creating a sort of "ghost" spot. But I could be wrong...
  2. It does it to me to:(
  3. I used to get that problem before I was a supporter. I think it's because the server reserves a player's slot for a few minutes after they leave, so although they aren't logged on, they are still taking up a slot. I think, anyway?
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  4. Correct. Every player is given a 60 second grace period. This is to allow players an opportunity to return if kicked by staff or the server. This was decided on based on the average return time of players who were disconnected.
  5. Correct it holds a place for you for 60 seconds when you leave, that way if get disconnected on accident while playing you can come back :)
  6. Oh, neat. I didn't know that. Thanks for clearing this up. ^^