Poorly designed, poorly implemented - Can you guess what I'm referring to?

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  1. That's right.

    Minecart rails.

    They are so, so irritating to work with. It's one of those "Hey, here's an idea, lets half-bake it then forget about it!" things.

    In my mind, minecarts and rail tracks should be a -huge- part of this game.

    Want to mine lots over large distances? Set up a minecart track with storage carts to shift your stuff back!
    Want to have a transport system around your town or outpost? Set up a minecart network!
    Think it's this easy? Think again!

    There are some superb minecart mods out there that look at really improving the rail system in leaps and bounds. Check out:


    The Railcraft mod for an example of modding really pushing the boundaries. A Tunnel Bore that lays track? Amazing!

    Meantime though, we're stuck with awkward and unhelpful rail-isms which you need to combine with the always crappy Redstone circuits and the end result is a simple 3 way junction takes up about nine bloody squares.

    Can you tell I'm having a bad time with it right now?

  2. You can make some very simply nice junctions. SethBling has a few. I can find some for you if you want..
  3. I'm pretty sure the mine carts rail system is not liked by the servers too. I always feel like I'm riding a rubber-band in perpetual motion. :p
  4. I've had a look at all his stuff. The point with this is that Seths included, they're all far more complex to achieve a relatively simple aim than they need to be.

    I want a track to split from either left, right or straight ahead. Can I do that? Not without a redstone circuit that takes up a fair bit of space.

    Look at that Railcraft mod. Switching tracks and all sorts. That's what this game should have. I hate how MC rides on "Let the Community fix the problems" which it does, a hell of a lot.

    It's the only thing that'd make me look for other servers rather than EMC. There are a lot of crap mods out there, but there are some sheer genius ones which would make the game so much better.
    I feel like I'm missing out by not trying them. :(
  5. I've got that on Utopia, it works well, but again, look at the size of it! That's before you've hidden the outside to pretty it up.

    Compare that to this:

    http://railcraft.wikispaces.com/Switch Tracks (Track)

    That's what we should have. Not these monstrosities. *sobs*
  6. Man, that stuff looks awesome. Combined with use of the detector rail, you can do some pretty awesome tricks with that thing.

    EDIT: Not the mention all the other cool stuff they have. Verily, I say unto thee, I agree with kilmannan, this should've been part of the game.
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  7. This is what drives me mental and I'm glad you agree. There are lots of mods out there with some brilliant ideas. Those mods are the property of Mojang because they're designed on its system. Mojang can take the best bits and stick them into Minecraft. Hell, maybe give the guy a few bucks for his efforts.

    They don't really have an excuse. I mean, how many updates have the rails actually had? Powered and detector rails and some fixes to sort out glitches.

    It could be so much more if they'd pull their finger out.

    They need to do 'Focus Snapshots' - This week we are going to focus on the area of 'x' and hammer it. Not little bits here and there.

    This week rails, next week animal behaviour, etcetc.


    I've Tweeted Notch and told him to give the guy some money and put it into MC. :D
  8. Shouldn't you tweet jeb since notch doesn't work on minecraft anymore.
  9. I thought you were talking about minecraft as a whole.
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  10. Well as they'd both ignore it, I went for the man in the hat. :)
  11. I really loved it when you said "verily" :D

    And I agree, I never build tracks of any substance on EMC, because, well, they suck :(
  12. By the way, this has been brought about because of the track I'm building for you. Just so ya know.
  13. You're building me a track? How sweet!
  14. you can make railroads epic if you could only have jumps like roller coaster tycoon
  15. Not for much longer if this keeps up. :mad:
  16. Pfft. I'm waiting for vanilla planes.
  17. I hate minecarts. They remind of that math problem:
    "A frog is stuck at the bottom of a very slippery (but not full) well. He begins to climb up the side. He jumps 3 feet, and slides down 2. Jumps 3, slides 2..." Reminds me of boats and minecarts.
    And they should DEFINITELY do focus snapshots. What they did with hiring the A.I expert was brilliant. He comes in, makes zombies hit doors and stop spinning in circles like a drunk. Imagine what would happen if they hired experts in EERY field and had them all come improve minecraft...
    Oh, boy. :D
  18. I like the way that how notch/ jeb make the rail ........ perfect!
  19. I dot use rails that much. But I think how they work now is good enough. A bore??? That will make it to easy to get far out. Wouldnt be fun