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  1. Okay so I just had to install the Mine Little Pony mod. It looked so cute. So now I have the correct texture pack and mod for the full experience of My Little Pony. :D lol

    If you have this mod installed, feel free to post your pictures. xD
  2. i look highly demonic. 0.O
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  3. That's exactly what I thought. lol
  4. What is with all of these freakin' ponies? Even Grant Morrison has given over to the ponies.
  5. Cape pony >: )
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  6. Oooh, I want the mod asap!
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  7. I think i'll pass :p
  8. Well I am finding you and posting a pic of your pony on here soon ;)
  9. Future mine little pony mod=
    ROBOT UNICORN!!!!!!!!.jpg
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  10. Crouch is cute...
  11. More pictures...Here's Crazy1080 and a baby pony?
  12. I think I'll pass to.....
    But my friend does this all the time
  13. I do got a video with like 10 ponies, was playing around with Wafflez, but I didn't made screenshots, sorry. ;)
  14. Thought you had a few about month ago when we were at controllers shop

    Edit found the pm you sent to us lol

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  15. Ow yeah, forgot about that, haha, that was a little bit later. :)
  16. It's a cute mod but unfortunately isn't compatible with HD skins :( So I can't have it but when I did have it installed I found out how to display your ACTUAL Minecraft skin instead of being a random pony. Go to this thread! :D
  17. I'm a pony!