Ponies Dubstep and Rap.

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  1. So i recently discovered Thelivingtombstone......he is awesome

    Due to the fact i recently discovered i am not the only Brony on here.....i wanted to share this.
    Guncakes...This is hilarious/awesome. This is a Rap/Dubstep song


    This is my favorite that he has made next to guncakes
    This one is absolutely safe for your ears :D Its lighter Dubstep and not rap.


    (If you do not watch MLP these songs may not make much sense to you....they are still pretty good though :D )
    I felt like sharing while i sat here eating a sandwich......
  2. I don't like rap...dubstep on the other hand..
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  3. He has a very wide variety of music styles and i really have not found anything of his i dislike....


    This one is good too :D He is not singing, but it think you will enjoy it anyway if you like dubstep and ponies :D and the CMC.....
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  5. I saw this guy on one of the woodentoaster songs, he's awesome.

    (Yeah, this is the brony side of me you've never seen before :p)
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    JK I'm not into any of this stuff, because "The first time I heard dubstep, I told my friend there was something wrong with with his washing machine."
  7. Haha, first time i heard Dubstep.......first thing that popped into my head was a robot having issues going to the bathroom.....XD
  8. The Living Tombstone is pretty good, but I for the most part like his work on ASDFmovie 5.
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  9. I found TheLivingTombstone Due to asdf 5 but I really enjoy his song of storm Remix.
  10. I got bored one day and typed in MLP Dubstep......lol
    By the way you avatar is awesome XD
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  11. Thanks it took a lot of googling :p
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  13. Don't much care for either dubstep or rap, but this music I can certainly get behind. :D