Poll: Should we turn off weather in Town?

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Should the weather be turned off in town?

Poll closed Aug 28, 2011.
Yes - Turn it off! 9 vote(s) 81.8%
No - I love weather! 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Moving forward I would like to start including the community in server dessisions. First on the list is if we should disable weather (rain, snow) in town or not? This is a poll and it will close in 7 days, if "Yes - Turn it off!" wins I will disable weather in Town.
  2. I would like to add that the reason this came up in my mind is because it has been snowing on some peoples residences lol.
  3. I see no use to it. it's annoying when building to be honest. but arnt we trying to keep this as close to default as we can while making it fun. maybe if we can disable just snow in the town? but I am sure you looked at that.
  4. Yeah at this time it is either all or nothing for weather. I think changing it Town doesn't take away from the SMP game, Town is sort of an exceptions world :)
  5. The rain I could bear, but I wouldn't be happy if I had to live with a constant sheet of snow on my res.
  6. In that respect. get rid of it then!
  7. Yeah, not to mention our fountains in the "snowy" part of the Town are just icecube blocks on a stick. :p
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  8. Maybe you could make it mid-day all the time in town. Lulz.
  9. We discussed this a while back, but it was my opinion that we leave day/night cycle as it is. Personally I think that a lot of residences (and things like the EMC pool) look bad ass at night with different setups that they have.
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  10. Poll has closed and it was a landslide for "Yes - Turn it off!", so I have just turned off weather in Town. For those of you suffering from snow grief, you will have to manually remove the snow that is currently on your residence :(.
  11. Is there anyway for you to unice the iced up fountains or is that too much hassle and they'll stay this way?
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  12. I was holding off until 1.9 as it should be easier for me to edit biomes, currently the world believes those areas are "winter" biomes. So yes I plan on fixing this, it really bothers my OCD lol.
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