[ POLL ] Should we bring back selling spawners

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Should we be able to sell spawners again

Yes 23 vote(s) 52.3%
NO 16 vote(s) 36.4%
Maybe 5 vote(s) 11.4%
  1. So please vote and leave a comment below why or why not we shouldn't bring it back
  2. I'd say if the Empire did do this there would have to be more ground rules over it or a system it runs by. Other wise It would just go back to people scamming each other over it.
  3. Im going to vote yes. But, I feel as if each Seller of spawners should be approved by mods or sr. mods first. To insure quality control and reputation. And use the same concept of the auction forums for regulation.
  4. I say yes but, more rules like you can only spawn so many things a day or, it can only spawn certain things mabey

    Can someone lick me i mean like :D
  5. yes sell it in stores insted :O
  6. i think yeah.. but only like rare spawners (double zombie & skeleton, triple zombie & skeleton) and they should be approved :)
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  7. I believe they should come back, but perhaps a mod has to verify each spawner is in fact yours
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  8. Ahh... so this is how 621op is going to pay back their debts after pretending to leave didn't work...
  9. I think that Justinguy and Icecreamcow are finding a way as to sell spawners.
  10. Maybe a mod has to go check out the condition of the spawner to make sure it is everything the seller says it is, this way also the buyer cant grief it themselves and say the seller ripped them off.
  11. i think selling them privately is enough. do you want the auction forum spammed with spawners?
  12. On the front this sounds like an amazing idea. However, look at it from a moderator's/admin's point of view. They're in the wild, on an epic mining adventure, having loads of fun. Then, in purple writing they see "Noob: WILL U IZ COME AN SEA MI SPOWNER PLZ". Now, I'm guessing this would happen pretty constantly due to the amount of profit there is to be made.

    Imagine how the mod feels. To say the least, they would be irritated. They'd been getting these PM's all day and just want to relax by themselves but they can't really say no because then either:
    a) The person will annoy them more, resulting in a kick/ban
    b) They will make a forum post about lack of support
    c) They will start 'crying'

    If we are going to have moderation of spawners (which I hope we will) then Justin, Aikar and d1223m would together have to find a way of automating it.
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  13. Well I say maybe because it will take Justin do take care of it and it may be a wee waste of his time and grifters could grief the spawners but it would be great to bring it back although the spawners where usually girefied in the past
  14. Have to make a formal application following guidlines through PM on forums? Request denied if not formatted correctly. (to have mod check it out)
  15. Me likey that idea! :) Another solution would be to create a Google Doc form like the mod application one that all mods can view the responses for.
  16. Even smarter! I just thought a mod could pass it to another but good idea with the google docs
  17. It should never be allowed.

    Its uncontrollable, unsafe and can not be claimed anyone's possession.

    Would be like selling a piece of land in the wild, a village or a chunk to mine on.

    However, selling the COORDS for these places - Yes.

    But there is a huge difference, as a seller, selling coords, you will only be responsible for the location - and that there is in fact a spawner - if you were to sell a "spawner" you would be responsible for it being usable (not destroyed in the future)
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  18. Mmm i say no, just because there was too much bickering and scamming. Mods and admins are already waaaay to busy for that sort of thing.. Sorry guys. then again im only one vote :p
  19. Yea maybe only rare ones like double or higher , and have a mod appoved that it is real and fully functionally