[POLL] Should I Buy a Dragon Egg?

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Should I Buy A Dragon Egg?

Yes 14 vote(s) 66.7%
No 7 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Yo guys, Im thinking of buying a Dragon Egg but i dont know where a good place to buy them is, or if its really worth it. so if u could vote in poll and let me know where a good place too buy is below that would be great. :)
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  2. im pretty sure 4005 sells them for about 295k not sure on that number though
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  3. Think of it this way; I can't think of any reasons not to buy one :)
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  4. If I ever had the money to buy a dragon egg, I would. I've always wanted one.
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  5. Well okay so i think i will buy one but question is where is the cheapest place to buy them?
  6. Yes. Get creative!
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  7. You should buy a Dragon egg, give it a pedestal, and name it Mr. Pringles.
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  8. There are only a few for sale. I can only think of 4005 off the top of my head.
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  9. You can talk to krysyyjane, shes not selling in shop but might be willing to sell
    (They have 38 or some thing)
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  10. I was in survival once, with a completely unmodded client and software, and I saw a chicken fall off a cliff and poop out a dragon egg. No lie. Is that weird? :/
  11. A chicken that pooped out...a dragon egg...? Was this on Single Player, or EMC? This is weird...
  12. oh really?
    And did herobrine pop up and offer you a ride on his flying pig to the mythical land of Notch?
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  13. ... Nice. Must be a once in a lifetime event to see that happen. :confused:
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  14. all of you guys are saying 4005 xD
    Faith sells them for 250 k each.
    Alex sells them for 295k each.
    Kryssy sells them for an unknown amount xD
  15. I'm looking to buy one as well, and I was curious what Krysyyjane9191's offer on one would be. I sent a PM a few days back and have yet to get a response, probably got lost in PM floods. I find it semi-awkward to bump a PM :p
  16. Message ignoramoose.
  17. I have Krysyyjane9191 and Ignoramoose included ^_^
  18. If you want a original then they are more expensive. I think the cheapest for sale now is 5.5 million rupees. You can get them for 180k at 1112 that aren't original.
  19. 180k? That was during happy hour a long time ago, he sold the 5 he put in there within minutes. Faithcaster sells them for 275k now I believe.
  20. Don't feel awkward bumping a pm, if it has been a couple of days a polite bump is fine. Non-urgent conversations can sometimes slip through the cracks. :)
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