[POLL] Rarest item in Mincraft (Minus the dragon egg)

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  1. I don't think ICC heads are on there...
  2. Second to vote! :)
    I did gold blocks apples.
  3. They're not that rare if you mine the gold.
  4. I said fireworks, IF it's the Empire Firework.
  5. There are only a few blocks that are limited in a world. Therefore the rarest block excluding dragon egg is the end portal frame, I guess you could also count the silverfish spawner as rare, too.
  6. Cookies !
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  7. End Stone is limited too, but noone seems to care
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  8. It's not as limited as frames. It's also still pretty abundant.
  9. I presume this was a "Most rare obtainable item poll"
  10. I am starting to think of you as a cat.
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  11. The Rare items are the staff heads, and the creeper and skeli head, also to me wither skulls, coa it takes for ever to get.
  12. Dirt. 'nuff said.
  13. Chain armor! its not even obtainable through survival MC
  14. Broken EMC firework :p
  15. you can get them from villagers.
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  16. lol wow i've been out of the update loop for minecraft. :D didn't know you could get chain mail, but that makes it still Rare in my opinion.
  17. Easy,
    ICC Heads. There are only two of them in all of EMC.
    Behind that, sponge used in only a few places as well.
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