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Should we add the ability to "Egg" Spawner blocks?

Yes! 8 vote(s) 30.8%
Ehhh. No 18 vote(s) 69.2%
  1. So recently i have seen a lot of people selling spawners and the like.(Or maybe it's just me)
    But i have been wondering, we have the ability to egg animals, why not add the ability to "Egg" spawners? We could set it up so you could not set up nether spawners in the overworld so we wouldn't get a new kind of griefing starting up. We could charge to "Egg" these spawners like we do for mobs, only we can charge say 800-1000r. This way people could sell spawners more easily.
    Now i am not sure if this has been discussed in the past or not so if it has been please say so.
    I have an open mind to all opinions on the matter and would like to hear what you have to say!
    (Edit) I really should have made a better thread title ._.
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  2. hmm... I don't know about this. I think it is too, non-vanilla.
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  3. Like i said, i have an open mind! Any and all opinions on the matter are valued!
    I just think it would get rid of some of the hassle people have with having to trek out to grinders.
    Maybe we could even set it up so you couldn't place them in the yellow square in spawn so you don't get attacked!
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  4. Would you mind telling me why? :3
    I want to hear everyones opinion on the matter :)
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  5. I'd have to say no, it seems like too good of an opportunity for griefing/killing.

    Example 1

    Some guy goes 'AM AFK OK' and stands there in the wild. You take a spawner next to him and let it look like mobs got him.

    Example 2

    You really hate some guy because he keeps spamming 'AM AFK OK' so you take a nice spawner to his base and hide it where he gets a nice amount of zombies sneaking up on him.

    Example 3

    Some cool home slice decides to put 5000 zombie grinders in a mob grinder room. This would just ruin mob grinders. Some may say they are OP, but imagine if you could just put 4 zombie spawners right next to each other. You'll get the same results as a 4x grinder, with very little work (or luck :p)
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  6. No, Just no
    You see, This way you could create HUGE XP farms :p
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  7. Actually, our Entity Counter prevents this from being possible :)
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  8. Okay, huge loot farms?
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  9. Possibly, there's still only going to be 250 mobs in an area - but with more variety :)
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  10. I think the reasoning is the speed that the mobs come. 20 zombie spawners hit 250 mobs (and then you can kill them, so they build up again) much quicker than 1 zombie spawner.
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  11. Maybe yes.
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  12. OP grinders wipe this out...
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  13. On one hand, they could be nice to put in bases with your friends. It wouldn't cause a huge loot farm (as much:p) with spawners next to each other because of mob cap.
    BUT... it seems to non-vannilla. I dont know if I like it.
  14. only reason i would see in egging a spawner is to bring it to town to use as a decoration. I doubt that would happen so i have to stamp this a no.
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  15. It would be pretty cool, and convenient. But it is so ridiculously "non-vanilla" that it's not even worth thinking about.
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  16. Eggification is also "non-vanilla" :p
  17. Eggification is a solution to a problem that having a town world creates...getting animals back to town, solving issues regarding permissions, and the ability to sell animals.

    Moving spawners is just wayyyyy too non vanilla :p
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  18. I would love the idea, but too many problems come up as well. Like chaos in town, mass-murder of people, people could sell them, dropping their values, they would be as worthless as emeralds.
  19. I think egging is a no, but i would be really open to the idea of locking them like chests or ovens. This would just keep greifers from breaking the spawner. This way if i go to great lengths to build an xp grinder, someone cant just walk in and ruin it. Not sure why this hasn't already been done. All the spawners near spawn have been destroyed for a long time, so egging would be a nice way to get some back, but too hard to control.