[Poll] Plural of Jelly

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What's the plural form of jelly?

Jelly 27 vote(s) 75.0%
Jellies 6 vote(s) 16.7%
Don't know/other 3 vote(s) 8.3%
I looked it up (Jelly) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I looked it up (Jellies) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. << Don't look it up. I want to know what YOU think! >>

    At Easter breakfast this morning, my family had an "argument" regarding the plural form of jelly. It was split half and half.

    Half of us think the plural is still jelly.
    - I have much jelly.
    - I had a lot of jelly.

    The other half think it's jellies.
    - I have many jellies.
    - I had a lot of jellies.

    What do you think? What would you say? Please vote in the poll. No "correct" dictionary answers in the comments section; I will request them to be deleted.

    I personally say jelly. But that may be just me. ; )

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  2. I think, "I have much jelly" would be right
  3. I voted, and then looked it up just to be sure. Maybe the poll should've been "blind" so people can't see who voted for what.
  4. I think it stays Jelly
    I had a lot of jelly sounds correct.
  5. I really hope this doesn't turn into the cheer leading poll thread :p

    I voted for Jelly as the plural. However, I've heard some Europeans say Jellies.
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  6. I believe Jelli is the grammatically correct version. ;)
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  7. Like, I've got a lot of jelly on this sandwich.

    BUT... There's a great assortment of jellies and jams at the brunch table. (As if you've got like orange, grape, strawberry, etc. types of jelly?)

    EDIT: These polls are fun. I voted for IDK.
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  8. It is like sheep and sheeps.
    A quantity of any type of jellies is "jelly." (There is jelly on my sandwich)
    Multiple types of jelly are referred to as "jellies." (I have a large selection of jellies.)
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  9. I take back what I said. I think Pineapple is correct.
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  10. This thread has me very confused on how to say the plural form of Jelly
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  11. Its penutpbutter and {jelly}
  12. That is the secret objective of this thread. Apparently, it has succeeded.
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  13. That'd be because Jelly has a different meaning in Europe (I think) :p
  14. I think it could be either Jelly or Jellies because going back on what Pineapple said about a great assortment or jellies. And for Jelly, it would make sense to say "I have a lot of Jelly" instead of jellies. I think it could be both.....idk really. =P
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  15. Keep in mind that whether you're talking about a lot or a little "jelly" it's still a singular Jelly ;)
    If you had both grape and strawberry jellies, well...
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  16. "I have 2 Jelly" sounds right-ish :p
  17. could it be jello? :p
  18. Everyone knows the plural of jelly is Banana! Duh
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  19. It is similar to grass-"There is "grass" on you which is singular, or "I sell many types of grasses" which is plural
    I think this one could go either way depending on the context of the sentence.
  20. You can't quantify amounts of one type of jelly without some unit of measure.