[POLL] Make it against the rules to make adfly links on the site.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Joshyy, Jan 16, 2013.


Should it be allowed?

Yes 6 vote(s) 60.0%
No 4 vote(s) 40.0%
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  1. Removed 2 yes's and add 2 no's above (Miss-Voting)

    I've noticed recently over the last 3-4 days that some people (1 in particular) is using adfly to random images for monetary gain, now I still think you should be allowed to use adfly for things you've created (Mods and texture packs) However randomly posting a link with adfly should not be allowed in EMC in my personal opinion and should come with a punishment for selfish gains. Answer yes or no depending on if you agree with me or not in the poll above.

    EDIT: RainbowChin pointed out.

    To quote the Terms of Service and Rules.

    You will not use your account for commercial gain (such as selling ad space).
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  2. I will vote yes, just because I feel like they are taking a free, very useful tool and putting ads on it.
  3. And it isn't even their cite.
  4. So if i pick no, that makes it against the rules, correct? I am having a derp moment, trying to connect the title and all:p
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  5. Depends.

    I'll put so it's allowed.
  6. If you vote no, it's saying you want it against the rules, if you vote yes, you want it allowed.
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  7. To quote the Terms of Service and Rules.
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  8. Any reasoning behind this?
  9. Perfect, Makes it against the rules already.
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  10. As it already isn't allowed, yeah.
  11. Example: There's a few players here with mods and texture packs which they have posted in these forums; I think they should be able to keep those links and count them as support for them. Not everyone is willing to open paypal and send like 100$. So Adfly for supporting things like this should be allowed.

    But if it's done randomly like.. Xander guy is using it.. It should be penalized for selfish,reasonless monetary gains.
  12. S***, count one vote for no, because I want it against the rules. #derpmoment

    To prove I'm not going with the community flow just check my first post.
  13. I find it funny how you voted no:p
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  14. I hit yes by mistake, thought it was for agreeing with you. :oops: But for my opinion I think it shouldn't be allowed.
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  15. Yes, I agree with you there - if you've worked hard on a mod then yes, adfly should be allowed, if you're doing what Xander is doing then no.
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  16. Then make a MinecraftForums post.
    You will get a much bigger audience and the adf.ly links are allowed.
  17. How can you see this?
  18. It's already against the rules without prior permission so the poll isn't needed. Report links you find that we don't already and we'll remove them.
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