[Poll] Is a rare shop a good idea?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bunkerllama, Jun 13, 2013.


Is a rare shop a good idea?

Yes 7 vote(s) 87.5%
No 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. I've always meant to ask.. as ive been interested in it for a while. But is this a good idea? And would the community support one? (I'd keep prices fair, not sell a firework for 200k, sorry Faith xD)
  2. Please be more specific. What would you sell?
  3. Rare items. Like the drops, giveaway items, special EMC exclusive items is what I mean
  4. I like your idea & all but the real question is can you come through with it?
  5. It would take more than a month to get all the stuff, def. But thats what auctions and resource gathering is for :p
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  6. If you were to do it, i have some Maxarian shoes to sell to ya :p
    (Slightly used)
  7. It has to be unused xD
  8. If you have the money, do it. :)
  9. Repair it with flames given to you by the god of fire, Maxarias?
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