[Poll] I remake nether spleef

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Should i remake Nether Spleef?

Yes! 22 vote(s) 91.7%
Maybe not, doesnt sound to good.. 2 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. So before the wild reset, Dark_Liz had Nether Spleef. It was awesome, everyone loved it, we could have some laughs, and it brought the community together. Now, if enough people want me to i WILL rebuild it, using only my supplies. I dont see why not, and some might say griefers, but i assume ICC would protect it (if he can :S) but if he cant, it'll be fun while it lasts ;)
    So. Thoughts?
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  2. Why not try it right?
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  3. I for one loved the original and its not a EMC server without Nether Spleef!
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  4. I never really got to play it, but I will if you make it! :)
  5. It was basically you left EVERYTHING at home, and when you got to the arena, you went inside the spleefing area and were handed a diamond pick, then if you lost, you died (so not everyone gets free picks) and the winner got to keep the pick :)
  6. I knew about that, I just never played it.
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  7. Nether spleef was boss. And if we rebuilt it, I could help, unlike donating only 2 stacks of nether brick last time. XD
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  8. I think i'll do it, Ive yet to contact ICC, but i will asap
  9. I wasnt around during the first, but I LOVE SPLEEF! lol
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