[POLL] How many different servers have you played on?

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How many servers have you played on?

1 3 vote(s) 10.3%
2-5 13 vote(s) 44.8%
6-10 3 vote(s) 10.3%
11-20 2 vote(s) 6.9%
21+ 8 vote(s) 27.6%
  1. So I have a question: From the moment you started playing MC, how many different servers have you played on? I'm not talking about smp1, smp2, smpX... I mean: Empire Minecraft, Noobcraft, MCHunger Games etc...


    VOTED ;)
  3. what IPs were posted?

    Don't use full caps. You have been warned :p
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  4. none. im just giving shoutout. lots of people say "ive playd 0n *****craft.******.com!!!!11!!!1!11!", then look up to see giant falling hammers and go "i didnt no!!11!1!1!!!1 unbann me plezzz!!!!1!!!!!!!1!"

    just to say DONT DO IT
  5. Well, if you don't include servers that I went on for The Empire in Perspective, I've played on around 7 in total, and currently 3 - although EMC is of course my home server. The other two I currently play on are just for Skyblock and to gain inspiration for builds (it's a large, whitelisted creative server).

    However, if you do include ones I went on for The Empire in Perspective, then you'd honestly be looking at around 40+ servers, although I didn't last for particularly long of any of them, as they were just part of the experiment.
  6. Survival Games, Vareide's latest PvP server, 10 others i've been a moderator on, BuilderCastMC's sponsor server (it's my friend's youtube channel that he plans to make like Machinima), and 2 others I have been unfairly banned on.
  7. Well the first server I played was amazing great community awesome players, it gave me a great impression of mc servers but after I left the server it was just horrible server after horrible server until I found EMC.
  8. Hundreds. My server list CURRENTLY has 87. I just counted.
    Griefing doesn't seem unfair...
  9. A few days on, the results are interesting. Seems like most people stick with one of the first few servers they try. Mind you who wouldn't if you found the empire?
  10. 10 servers, all EMC. Wouldn't change it for the world :)
  11. I have played and play many servers my server list is very long with the first 10 EMC servers at the top for quick change in number order from 1-Utopia
  12. well i have been on some servers however only for like 30 mins cuz they are so boring
    however i have been/ regularly go on hunger game servers
    but empire is really the first one i have played properly and i see no reason to change any time soon :D
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  13. There is 1 server where everyone is all diamond covered so i cheat on it! I admit i cheat another random server but never EMC i have my .jars all saved :D So they hate me now because i cant be killed with invincible hack and kill hack
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  14. Vareides Survival Games, EMC.
  15. Lolol me too. Went on another server and these three people who thought they were so cool kept killing me, then I tried to kill them but I hit them over 50 times each with a diamond sword, BUT NOBODY DIED!!! I was so annoyed by those hackers...
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