[Poll] Groups allowed in PVP

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Should groups be allowed in PVP

Yes 13 vote(s) 72.2%
No 3 vote(s) 16.7%
In special circumstances 2 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Ive played PVP for a while and I notice groups to be extremely unfair to everyone. If groups enable pvp off there teammates are completely un-harmable from other members. What is your opinion on this topic?
  2. It's a strategy in pvp, personally if you want teams eliminated, might as well eliminate god apples -1
  3. it isnt called 1v1 pvp arenas for a reason, ive fought groups many times and still killed them all, come better prepared
    also you dont have to participate in pvp and even if you do you dont lose durability on anything so its far from unfair
  4. I have mixed emotions about groups in pvp....sometimes it is good: for example, kill the chin event, team pvp just for fun, and if you want to team with your friend. reasons why it is bad: completely unfair to a player who is against 2-4 people, yet if they use many gapless they could take the group out eventually. I feel fine with keeping groups in pvp but not gapples.
  5. PVP is like clan said and I am actually agreeing with him, is strategy, and your strategy can be REKT by just a group, but in some circumstances, some players are weak in PVP and need a group. And Golden apples are unfair and very annoying in game. So just as clan said, they have to be gone. Don't forget eating, full hunger will regenerate you. Regeneration is good, just for the attacker it sucks. I think PVP should be about just fighting and no regen or eating or golden apples or groups. So if you want a fair game of PVP, it will be fair with the above.
  6. -1 Pvp groups make pvp easier and more fun. If you don't like it then make your own group.
  7. there is "fair arenas" they are below, you cant eat anything in them
  8. I realize that but they still have groups
  9. I like getting a bunch of my friends together and forming teams and then fighting against each other.
    Sorry but I'm against the banning of groups in pvp.
  10. Also, the leader can turn group pvp on so the players in the group fight.
  11. True, I think it should still have that function, when the group is assembled
  12. Actual /groups or teaming, regardless of what happens, teaming will still occur. It's not worth the time to implement so people can just get around it.

    Saying "oh, group leaders can turn off PvP" is useless too. Unless you're blind, you rarely hit your teammate.
  13. Maybe the best option is to disable it in the fair arenas only since that is their entire point.