[POLL] Giving Res permissions over empire.us

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Should you be allowed to give permissions?

Yes, good idea. 7 vote(s) 38.9%
No, too many problems. 1 vote(s) 5.6%
Yes, but needs major tweaking and modifications 10 vote(s) 55.6%
  1. Idea: The basic idea in this is, that people can incorporate things into their res' over the website. It is mainly for people who don't care to log in at the moment, and need to do it fast.

    I don't really know this format well, and it could use some tweaking, so here's some pro's/cons.

    Pros: Quicker, more efficient, do it without going on MC

    Cons: Someone without MC could go here, and give permissions to others, people who have may not know they have it, some more, that I don't wish to list.

    What do you think is this a bad, good, or good with tweaking sort of idea? Vote!
  2. I think we will be getting a UI in game for this sort of thing soon :)
  3. That would be awesome, and I hope this may end up getting approved.
  4. It sounds good but difficult to code. To my understanding:
    Game ---> Game = Easy (ish)
    Website ---> Game = Hard and Hellish

    However, if Justin does find a way of doing this then I'd love it!
    Also, it would be great if he added the ability to send rupees on the website too :)
  5. Jack you're missing a big bit of information. Do it like this (using Axioms)

    If Game ---> Website is easy (Rupees history, count, server players info and supporter purchases, live maps, etc.)


    Website ---> Game is also easy
  6. Live Maps = Dynmap (an already made plugin)
    Rupees = A hell of a lot of hard work
    Supporter Purchases = A hell of a lot of hard work
    Server Player Info = A hell of a lot of hard work and Minecraft.net

    So yeah, it's possible, just not easy :p
    After all, none of us know exactly how long Justin locked himself in a room and coded this stuff. To be fair, it would be more time consuming than hard.
  7. I don't think it works that way. The website gathers information from the server, not the other way around.

    Also I don't see the value of editing your residence from the website. Don't you want people to be on the server when they're playing? The only thing this could be useful for is little adjustments that are not deemed worthy to start up minecraft, but then again all you win is a small amount of time compared to the time it would take for Justin to implement these features (if they're possible at all).
  8. This is something that I agree with you on. Justin is a master at Java coding for this kind of thing, as with the Rupees, Chat changes, residence system, and other custom thing that he and JEREMY have coded for the rest of us to use. I believe that giving people res permissions through the website would be easy, just coding it to be foolproof is hard. My thought is that anybody can put in any res number and give anybody permissions, so they would have to code around that.
  9. Justin does have future plans to make permission giving/taking much easier. :)
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  10. I would think that 333kirby is correct here but with a caveat. I imagine that rupee history is gathered from a mySQL farm or whatever DB they are using through a simple query. In theory it should be just as easy to write a query to make a change to the DB. That being said, reading info from a game's DB through a website is pretty safe, where as writing data to the game's DB from a website is kinda scary.
    Also, I wonder if they are not using 2 different databases, one for the website and one for the game, and using some sort of replication to update the database for the site. The updates to rupee history are instant as far as I can see which would lead me to think they share a database. If it was a shared database, it's scary to write to, but doable. If it is not a shared DB and they are indeed replicating the data to a DB for the site, I doubt this replication is 2 way, so it would not be possible. I suppose we will have to wait to hear from somebody that knows the network topology.
  11. I imagine, after riding 3 different minecarts through an old abandoned mine, a mountain of lava and sneaking past a wolf names hans. You will find 2 EMC mysql databases. One holding player information (What your favourite food is, rupees) and another holding information on your residences (although the original residence plugin works on flat files?? Ikr).
  12. I'm pretty sure the duplicate databases therory is correct. It would explain the 60 secs site data delay on rupees.
  13. Pretty good idea, same thing is going to happen with rupee paying and the like.

    I wonder how many years it will take for Justin to completely incorporate everything on his list. ;/
  14. Eh...well, if he stops adding and coding in new servers!!! He could probably get through his current list in about a year and a half if no new requests come in that they like. If you are including requests they like that they then add to the list, it would take justinguy around...eternity to be finished. Duh.